One’s Direction

After the lows of the previous weeks, I think I may now be back on track.  These were not course related lows, but all self inflicted.  If I feel as though I am not pushing myself and I could do more then I haven’t done enough.  This is admirable but also very difficult to manage […]

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A New Dawn

Today has been a good day.  I have managed to spend some time with Callum and an alumni of Cardiff Met, Adam Davies We chatted about speculative ideas, future possibilities and the positives and negatives of our ideas.  A day or so ago, I genuinely was feeling lost.  I couldn’t decide on what to do, where […]

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Stumbling Block

Well it’s that time in the project where I have one of no doubt many, meltdowns.  Seems a little early in the project to me, but these things are not on the schedule so who knows when they are meant to pop up. Allow me to expand. In the last blog I was mulling over […]

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Out of Ideas

At the last post we had a successful session as a group brainstorming ideas.  I had started my task of a minimum of 100 ideas and at about 30, my creativity started to dry up.  I thought I was good at this ideation malarkey but maybe I am most effective talking to other people about […]

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Think Big. Think Wild.

Friday arrives and we have a session with Clara.  A quick chat about ideation, different methods of approach, (some of which I have not heard before and will be a very useful option to try along the way), and the benefits of rapid conception starts the day. We then move on to the fun phase. […]

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No Man’s Land

Okay, I am officially lost. Blind. Confused. Struggling. I have thrown myself at this project and have done a lot of research in the problem space (ughhhh, I feel dirty using such a clichéd term), and as a result I really don’t know which direction this project is taking. Regardless, I plough on. I have […]

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False Start

We have chosen our tutors for the year (or least for our Subject component of the course).   I have gone with Theo.   Mr Speculative.   Captain Critical.   I aim to have a lot of fun this year and experiment with many of ideas, so Theo was the guy to go with. I’m […]

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