As promised, here are a selection of undesigned sculptural forms: Seats? Advertisements

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The Great Outdoors. This is the first of the 4 briefs I am tackling. I expanded a little in the previous post, but for a standalone post, here is the original Brief: Traditionally, I break a brief down to its core: …and further still: Very nice, but what does this mean?  Design CSAD?? Well the […]

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Multiple Choice

Field has official be granted permission to launch and with it, there are a few surprises. Either choose one 12 week project, the topic of which is of your choosing and can be a live competition / brief or we can select four projects from a list of fourteen. Going into this I felt as […]

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Tick, tick, tick…

Like the plot of a good thriller, we had 24 hours to complete a live brief for the design consultancy agency, PDR. The brief?  To create a piece of wearable smart tech for release Q1 2019; targeted at one of the following demographics: Mother and baby, crime and punishment, pets, the elderly and women’s health. […]

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The Questioner

After a few days of self reflection upon my thesis – amongst other avenues of influence – something has occurred to me.  Product Design, as a practice, creates things from nothing or redesigns something existing for the sake of so-called ‘new’.  By doing this as a practice, you are known a designer.  The problem I […]

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Colours (PDP)

PDP Constellation, as a three year project, has been enlightening.  Actually, It has been more than that, it has been life changing.  This may seem a rather grand statement to make, but I will endeavour to spend the next 967 words trying to explain why this is true.   As a student embarking on a […]

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The Canvas

At this point in the project were are at the stage where we need to start considering the exterior pattern of the building.  At the last post we were discussing the potential of treating the facade of the building as a canvas to be painted upon by moss. What should the pattern be?  I considered […]

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