The Beginning

It is over. I have just presented my last piece of work as a level 5 student.  There is still around 10 days left of official term but my input is done and dusted. So, time for an end of year review.  Normally I  would leave it a few weeks and see how I feel, […]

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Translation Device (PDP)

‘A human community that lives in a mutually beneficial relation with the surrounding earth is a community, we might say, that lives in truth.  A civilization that relentlessly destroys the living land it inhabits is not well acquainted with truth, regardless of how many supposed facts it has amassed regarding the calculable properties of its […]

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jekyll or hyde

So I’m afraid I have been slack with my progress updates on my dissertation preparation essay.  By slack, I mean I have posted nothing.  Zip.  Nada.   Why? I have been busy.  Thanks for asking. I have been reading.  Absorbing information.  In doing so, I have encountered a big problem.   I am loving it. […]

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Fifty Shades of Grey

  The Ghosts of the Past, Present and Future: An exploration into dust as a medium, a medium and a medium   Introduction   dust dʌst/ Noun: dust Fine, dry powder consisting of tiny particles of earth or waste matter lying on the ground or on surfaces or carried in the air. (Collins Dictionary, 2016) […]

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The Listening Machine

This week, Martyn set us quite the tricky task: ‘Practicing within the world’. Choose either wind, water or Ground (or all of them!) and create a piece of work that lets these things speak. Identify a place and design a method based upon the three discussed today: (1) Klee and Eliasson (drawing), (2) Ingold (walking), (3) […]

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Stop Mumbling

The destroyer of worlds I am a destruction, a devastator, someone who culls without thought or care.  Heck, I wasn’t even aware of it, so how could I stop doing it?  This weeks delve into all things Woodward discusses our place within human and non-human worlds, and how our actions, however small we may think […]

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We Were On A Break

Someone help me!  I’ve been attacked!  Materials are running wild and taking their revenge on us!  RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!  That pot of paint is about to pounce!   Oh, it’s okay, I’ve found the lid for the paint pot.  Danger averted.  Calm is restored. What on earth am I on about, you ask?  As is […]

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