Colours (PDP)

PDP Constellation, as a three year project, has been enlightening.  Actually, It has been more than that, it has been life changing.  This may seem a rather grand statement to make, but I will endeavour to spend the next 967 words trying to explain why this is true.   As a student embarking on a […]

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The Beginning

It is over. I have just presented my last piece of work as a level 5 student.  There is still around 10 days left of official term but my input is done and dusted. So, time for an end of year review.  Normally I  would leave it a few weeks and see how I feel, […]

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Translation Device (PDP)

‘A human community that lives in a mutually beneficial relation with the surrounding earth is a community, we might say, that lives in truth.  A civilization that relentlessly destroys the living land it inhabits is not well acquainted with truth, regardless of how many supposed facts it has amassed regarding the calculable properties of its […]

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jekyll or hyde

So I’m afraid I have been slack with my progress updates on my dissertation preparation essay.  By slack, I mean I have posted nothing.  Zip.  Nada.   Why? I have been busy.  Thanks for asking. I have been reading.  Absorbing information.  In doing so, I have encountered a big problem.   I am loving it. […]

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Fifty Shades of Grey

  The Ghosts of the Past, Present and Future: An exploration into dust as a medium, a medium and a medium   Introduction   dust dʌst/ Noun: dust Fine, dry powder consisting of tiny particles of earth or waste matter lying on the ground or on surfaces or carried in the air. (Collins Dictionary, 2016) […]

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The Listening Machine

This week, Martyn set us quite the tricky task: ‘Practicing within the world’. Choose either wind, water or Ground (or all of them!) and create a piece of work that lets these things speak. Identify a place and design a method based upon the three discussed today: (1) Klee and Eliasson (drawing), (2) Ingold (walking), (3) […]

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Stop Mumbling

The destroyer of worlds I am a destruction, a devastator, someone who culls without thought or care.  Heck, I wasn’t even aware of it, so how could I stop doing it?  This weeks delve into all things Woodward discusses our place within human and non-human worlds, and how our actions, however small we may think […]

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