As promised, here are a selection of undesigned sculptural forms: Seats? Advertisements

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The Great Outdoors. This is the first of the 4 briefs I am tackling. I expanded a little in the previous post, but for a standalone post, here is the original Brief: Traditionally, I break a brief down to its core: …and further still: Very nice, but what does this mean?  Design CSAD?? Well the […]

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Multiple Choice

Field has official be granted permission to launch and with it, there are a few surprises. Either choose one 12 week project, the topic of which is of your choosing and can be a live competition / brief or we can select four projects from a list of fourteen. Going into this I felt as […]

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The Beginning

It is over. I have just presented my last piece of work as a level 5 student.  There is still around 10 days left of official term but my input is done and dusted. So, time for an end of year review.  Normally I  would leave it a few weeks and see how I feel, […]

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Black Sheep

Time to discuss the black sheep of the show: FUTURES!   The end of year show is not just about subject.  Even though we only have enough space to display two projects on our main boards, it would be a crime to not display of previous Field Futures project: Amazon PULSE. This, is Frank 2.0 […]

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Mind Your Own FUTURE (PDP)

MYOB From the off, I was keen to try out MYOB.  I saw it as an opportunity to learn new skills, create something and place it in the public eye for scrutiny.  Also, the chance to earn some bunce is  always a bonus.   Day one arrived with a feeling of trepidation: who would my […]

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Room to breath

We have finally reached the future and it is glorious!  All Apple white and shiny, not a hair out of place nor a leaf on the ground.  Everything is just so…so…clinically sexy!  It would bring a tear to my eye if I hadn’t had them removed in 2057 for reasons I don’t wish to go […]

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