Time to explore the form for the Big Data project, code name: DEATH BOT. The bot is designed as a digital assistant for the human.  To collate, secure and then shut down all digital presence of that person when they die.  Historically, what can this relate to? In ancient Egyptian times, Pharaohs took ‘servants’ to […]

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Introducing the second of four Field projects, Big Data. Firstly, the Brief: Where / what is the next new physical product development which harnesses ‘Big Data’? And now to highlight the key words of the brief: Where / what is the next new physical product development which harnesses ‘Big Data’? Data isn’t physical.  It is held within, and […]

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Hands On

At last post I was experimenting with form for my sculptural proposal of the Great Outdoors brief.  After some experimentation, feedback from peers and analysing the installation site, a more cohesive proposal was beginning to form. Firstly, I need to answer the question: Where is the Design? A fair question as it can look as […]

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As promised, here are a selection of undesigned sculptural forms: Seats?

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The Great Outdoors. This is the first of the 4 briefs I am tackling. I expanded a little in the previous post, but for a standalone post, here is the original Brief: Traditionally, I break a brief down to its core: …and further still: Very nice, but what does this mean?  Design CSAD?? Well the […]

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Multiple Choice

Field has official be granted permission to launch and with it, there are a few surprises. Either choose one 12 week project, the topic of which is of your choosing and can be a live competition / brief or we can select four projects from a list of fourteen. Going into this I felt as […]

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The Beginning

It is over. I have just presented my last piece of work as a level 5 student.  There is still around 10 days left of official term but my input is done and dusted. So, time for an end of year review.  Normally I  would leave it a few weeks and see how I feel, […]

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