Forging Ahead

Manufacturing Processes: Forging Metal   Week three of manufacturing processes and we head into the more medievil processes: forging hot metal.  Glowing red, molten metal is poured into a mould, (of various forms), cooled and then bosch, a metal form is born.  In essence, this is how the process is carried out for one off […]

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One Sheet

Manufacturing Processes: Sheet Metal Fabrication   Who knew there were so many ways of forming metal into products!  This week, Paul showed us a whole smorgasbord of methods and techniques to do with folding, cutting, kinking and shaping sheet metal.  Really, this was fascinating.  Some of the simple techniques were a bit underwhelming – stamping […]

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Extruse Me

Manufacturing Processes: Extrusion   This term we will be spending a good section of our time looking into Manufacturing Processes, with Paul Wilgeroth.  Why, you ask, do we need to learn this is we have no intention of making the products we design?  So we can become better designers, stupid.  If we are aware at […]

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