Out of Time

Great news!  The rest of my drill casing is in my possession!  I finally have the handle to my drill.  I have four days max to finish my model.  Considering spray paints and spray fillers need to dry overnight, this is not great.

Oh well, I must endure and see what I can do.

The top half of my drill had a rough finish after CNC.  Needed a lot of filling.  I mean, a lot!

These initially seem better, although one has a weird texture all over it?  Not great when it has so much detail to sand around!!

Like canvas??

I can deal with this.  Just about.


The issue I have is to do with the random wall thickness and the lip and groove.

The two halves just don’t line up!  One side has a 5mm thick wall, the other 1.5mm.  The back part, the lip and groove is there although SUPER THIN!  The front, has a lip, but no groove because the receiving wall thickness is to thin to have one.






I’m not sure what happened, but this makes my tight time schedule much more difficult.  I live in fear of breaking it and trying to line things up.


Fun times.


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