The End is Nigh

We are now at defcom level 4.  Prepare for battle stations.  Deadline approaching rapidly from the North.
At the last update, I was about crack my laptop in half due to issues with Solidworks, (the issues being that I am not a fan of Solidworks).
Miraculously, my laptop has survived, my CAD complete and the file is with tech dems waiting to be CNC’d, (more on this later).
Overall, I’m very happy with the results, considering I had a mild heart attack during the CAD process:
It has the shape, aesthetics and overall feel I was hoping to and create.  It is a little longer than I had wanted but we are using old tech internals so a new drill would actually be smaller than this iteration.  For one, the batteries are massive!  Otherwise, I’m pleased with details such as the ribs running down the handle and the subtle shaping on the  rear of the body.
Although it felt as if I had spent most of my life waiting for Keyshot to render some of the images – I can confirm that watching the progress bar eek across the screen is NOT fun – they have produced some very life like images.
a-e bronze materials connection.135
Is this real?
One of the main criticisms I had on the Glue Gun Brief™, was the lack of clarity in the print; showing the internal ribs of the structure.  Part of this was down to the choice of black as a colour, an issue with finding the correct lighting position on screen, but mostly the STUPID USELESS PRINTERS!  With this drill mostly rendered in old bronze colour (read: brown), I was concerned that this may happen again.  A tip I gave to myself last time was to turn the screen brightness down to 0.00001%.  If I could still see the details, I should be okay.
Renders done, It was onto the presentation boards.
Board One: Features.
Keep it simple.  Big, impactful main images, smaller additional images showing the……urr……features.  Add a logo and there you go.  Ah, a quick note on the name and logo:
The material of the drill is BARE, unpolished bronze.  The more you use the drill the more the tarnish is rubbed away revealing the shine below.  The older the drill, the more shiny it becomes.  OLD SHINES.
Using the same sized rectangles as the logo for the smaller features images for continuity, this board is done.
Board Two: Exploded View.
This one was fiddly.  It took ages to place the components in Keyshot to ensure nothing overlapped, then an age to render, but I’m happy with the results.  Initially I had each component numbered with pointers all over the place, but Paul recommended popping them in a nice neat line.  You got it.  Add to this an image of all the components in place and a BOM in the corner, Board 2 completed.
Board Three: In Context.
Ah, it is here that we return to the file submitted for CNC, I mentioned earlier.  Paul recommended that we take our finished models, pop them into a suitable situation, and photograph them for our in-context images.  I think this is a good plan.  Real vs CGI.  The problem is my file has not been CNC’d yet.  Not by a long stretch.  The third year had priority over the tech dems, so our work was put on the back burner.  Fair enough.  Paul did say that it would take a good three weeks to complete the model.  There are less than two till the end of term.  This is not great.  It is, however, out of my hands.
So I shall photoshop instead.  I say photoshop, I use GIMP!  It’s free and is very, very similar to photoshop.  As my drill is Retro-mod styled, I wanted to target my images towards this.  Plus, as the drill is aged bonze (BROWN!), then I would need to make sure it stood out on the images.  Black & White to the rescue.  I am not great at this type of stuff, but I am very happy with the results and the style of the overall board.

So what is left to do?

  • Model – Not much I can do about this at the moment.
  • 300 words ‘Design Reasoning’ A5 board – To be done.
  • Presentation – About 70% complete.
  • PDP – Not finished the project to reflect upon it yet.
I feel as though I have missed something fundamental in that list!?!?!?!?
Oh well.  I am roughly on target, I think.  Unless the model arrives really late then I will be in deep sh…

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