Straight Jacket

I have had a melt down.  Literally, call A&E, I’ve had a heart attack.  


Well, not literally, but I felt as though I have been trapped in a straight jacket of my own making.  I suffer from a severe case of overload-itism.  Don’t worry, it’s not contagious.


I have just kept adding stuff to this design.  A drill you wear, that ages, which uses a material that is socially significant, where the drill gives a message about the origin of the material and why we couldn’t give a damn about things.  

The drill is MY SOUL


Now breathe.


What did I really want to do with this project?  What did I want to achieve?


My first response was that I wanted to highlight the separation between Humans and the Earth which provides our materials.  The drill is a representative of the Earth.  The drill is a medium for this message.    The drill is the Earth.


So how to represent this?  I could just make it out of soil and then see the erosion as the tool is being used, but this doesn’t highlight our connection to the material, only the fragility and destruction.  This is fine, but not what I want to achieve for this project.


So what is the problem with current products?  They arrive on the shelf, ready to purchase, all shiny and pretty.  Use them and what happens?  The lustre is lost.  They look like old junk.  Not the good junk, more like a plastic fork found under a car seat.  Disposable.  Expensive, but disposable.  


What if the brand new product – the drill in this case – isn’t shiny at all?  It is dull, tarnished and tainted?  Only with use will the sheen become apparent.  The more you use it, the shinier it becomes.  See someones elses drill and it will be similar, but the sheen pattern and locations will be different.  

Good Boy.

“Look how weird he holds his drill?!?!”  He puts his fingers right at the back.  Two handed grip maybe?”


The tool tells a story.  Without the human there to show you, it can clearly be seen how the person would hold it if they were there to demonstrate.  You can see there is a relationship between human and machine.  


So then what of the material itself?  It needs to age, but be natural (as natural as a material can be when it has been processed in a factory).  Perhaps it needs to a material that already exists and has its own story to tell.  Reincarnation.  


Like this
Add a subtle texture that can wear away or be exposed the more it is used and we may be onto a winner.

I may have been released from the Asylum.  Whoop.


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