We drill holes in the Earth, allow the debris to build up around us and then move on to the next hole.


The three themes I seem to have settled upon are:

Humans and their relationships to Objects (drill)

The finite nature of the source materials and their ongoing impact.

The lack of community in contemporary society


The question is, which one warrants the most attention?


I guess if I look at it objectively, then the Human-Object relationship feeds the rest of the themes.  Humans currently have such a powerful draw to objects that we are happy to keep on using the finite resources and then dump them in a heartbeat as soon as the new shiny model comes out – more on this here.
So we have a love it f**k it relationship with objects and their constituent materials.  As a result of this we couldn’t care less about our local or global community.  On our doorsteps we dump all our daily waste, burying it in the land until it turns into a mountain.  Then we move on.  Start a new mountain.  What about the good stuff?  The valuable, ‘recyclable’ stuff.  That gets shipped to the other side of the Earth for processing.  It is ripped apart by kids with no shoes on, exposing themselves to toxic materials, and then is dumped into the water source.  Mmmm, that sounds good for everything.  


Humans think they are so clever, but really, are we?  Out of sight, out of mind.  I think this is the solution.


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