Rest In Pieces

The iGlue has been freed from its captivity and is ready for judgement.  Like a dog in crufts, it sits there waiting for a pat on the head and biscuit in mouth to say well done, she’s a fine bitch.  Unfortunately, this did not happen.  It got shot in the face.  


With a cannon.  






The idea went across well and it seemed as though Paul liked the attack on Apple, although he did deem it a little cynical.  That’s fair.  It was.  The massive failure came from a printing issue.  Paul said he just couldn’t see enough of the details inside the exploded view and so was unable to see enough evidence of any support structure being in place.  This is fair as the image did come out dark – more on this later – but you could see some mounting ribs.  Several other peers had no support structure at all and received a higher score.  A little harsh.  So what happened?  I don’t want to blame the tools, but I bloody well will!  I printed the first version onto A3 and the images were fine but too dark on the internals.  No problems, I’ll just go back to keyshot, add a few extra lights, and then boom, job done.  Next print, better but still a little dark.  Hmmm, more lights it is.  Looks washed out on screen but I guess it needs it for the print.  Please bear in mind, however, that each render takes AGES!!  No problems, I like watching a green progress bar eek across the screen.  This time, I’m printing it on A4, this is costing too much money.  Much better, can see everything now.  It could be more clear but I have chosen black and it is notoriously hard to render that colour.  Now for the final A3 print.  Wait, what’s this garbage?  Why has it printed half of the page yellow?  Dammit.  Print again, another printer, same garbage?!  Must be something wrong with the file?  Weird as it was fine on A4?  Oh well, check the image for faults, resave, reprint.  WORSE!  What the…?  Right, one thing for it.  I’m going to have to rebuild both presentation sheets from scratch, just in case there is something wrong with the file.  More prints and still the same garbage.  Rebuild again, still yellow boxing?  Right, I’ll print as an image and take the hit of marginal pixelation.  Hmmm, seems to have cut off the last quarter of the page.  Ahhhhhhhh.  The morning of delivery I rebuild the file again with all new images and then try a printer I have never been to before.  FINALLY!  No yellow boxing but boy is it dark!  Great, so I either show a dark image that is otherwise clean, one that looks like a dog has peed on it but shows more details or the blurry image that is missing a chunk.  Option one it is: dark.  Bad move it seems.  Before I started this project, I had £30 on my card.  I now have £12.  That was worth it.  
So what have I learned?  Firstly, that the printers in uni are not great.  Not great at all.  Secondly, to make sure the images look bright enough when printed, turn the brightness on your screen down to 0.0000001%.  If you can still see the details then it should be good enough to print out.  In other news, I just saw the owner of the print shop driving a brand new Porsche.  Business must be good.


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