Feeding Time

Time to dust myself off and prepare for the new brief.  Forget about the glue gun fiasco and wait with baited breath for the new challenge.  It must be different to a glue gun.  It has to be.




I was wrong.


Design a drill.  Just the shell.  Use the existing internals.  Wait, I think there may be more information……..a cordless drill.  Nope, my mistake.


So this is the plan: Like a vulture I plan to tear away the flesh of this brief and gnaw on the bones until something exciting presents itself.  This a tight brief but there are holes, they just need to be exposed.  After the personal development I have made over this year, it would be too lazy to just conform and make a drill for a builder.  I would be a hypocrite to my own thoughts.  Nope.  Not happening.  You can tie my hands and feet but there is no way you’re jamming a red ball in my mouth.  


To the brief:



[Personal notes in red]

‘The Sustainable Products Company’ (SPC) is a [fictional] company based in Mid Wales.  The company believes strongly in socially responsible design [what does this really mean?  Whose society?] and specialises in the manufacture of ethical and sustainable [can any product be sustainable?  Whose ethics?  The ethics of a heavy consumerist doesn’t care about the environment and would be happy if it was made of plutonium if it mean it drilled faster]  consumer products that are marketed under a wide range of brand names.


Their factory is powered by renewable sources (including solar collectors, a wind farm and a hydro-electric facility) and has the following manufacturing facilitates:


  • Injection Moulding of recycled polymers
  • Sand Casting & Die Casting of recycled Aluminium
  • CNC Punch Pressing of sheet Aluminium and Steel (plus general sheet metal fabrication)
  • CNC Turning of Aluminium and Steel
  • CNC Milling of Aluminium and Steel
  • CNC Routing of Wood (plus general wood fabrication)


The company’s market USP is the redesign and manufacture of consumer products to make them as sustainable as possible [so if they can’t be made ‘sustainable’, and we have tried hard, this is okay, right?].  This typically involves the application of the “4R’s”:


  1. Reduce the quantity of materials used and source from renewable sources [so this means no virgin materials?] wherever possible.  
  2. Re-use materials or components wherever possible [any materials?  Bone?  Skin?  Chicken lips?].
  3. Recycle all scrap materials that cannot be re-used [obvs].
  4. Repair-ability. Increase the useful life [who decides what a useful life is?  If it is the manufacturer, surely they want it to last long enough for them to develop a new model and then break?] of the product using Design for Repair (DfR) [can the repairs be show?]


Design Brief

Your brief is to design a new 18v cordless drill to be manufactured [do they have to make all components?] by SPC. The new design must be styled to appeal to one of the following target markets:


  • design students [which design are they studying?  Farm design?  Fashion design?]
  • DIY hobbyists [What hobby?]
  • enthusiast hobbyists (prosumers)
  • professional trades people. [What trade?  Actor?  Prostitute?  Taxidermist?]


Your new design may be aligned with an existing brand [A drill brand or any brand?  Marlborough?] or you may create your own.


Your design must:


  • be appropriately styled (i.e. aesthetically pleasing and desirable) [According to whom?]
  • be functionally credible [It says design a drill, but it doesn’t say the drill has to be used as drill.]
  • be ethically and socially responsible [Whose ethics?  Which society?  A Chickens?]
  • consider the 4R’s [This does not mean follow.  I can consider someone’s feelings but still not take them into consideration]
  • be developed using the CAD-CAMM product development process.


In addition, in order to reduce development costs, you should re-use the existing trigger switch, motor, chuck and gearbox. These components are available on Moodle.

All other components must be designed to appeal to the chosen target market [which is anything]. This includes a new heavy duty 18v battery pack which must accommodate 10 standard lithium ion 18650 rechargeable cells.


[Notes: There is no mention of year here!  Is it now, 2017 or 1017 or 2117?  Take the given components back to the age of early human and you soon become a god.  Take it to the distant future and you look like some crazed steampunk junkie.]


So, there is freedom.  There is tasty meat on them bones.  


According to the brief I could make a drill for a random society with any ethics, for any time period and for any thing, living or otherwise, as long as they have a wanton desire to have a drill.  Oh, and it doesn’t say the drill needs to drill anything.  It doesn’t say the drill is designed to put holes in things.

Time to find my demographic.


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