Ad Infinitum

Good news!  The other half of my glue gun has been cut out!  It is finally time to see what this glue gun looks like in real 3D!


Small.  Very small indeed.  

Perhaps this was a mistake on our part and we should have checked the dimensions of the standard internal parts, or they were uploaded to us at a smaller scale, but boy is this puppy tiny!  I’m not sure I can even get two fingers on the trigger!  But hey, it’s a rip on Apple, and Apple always strive to make things thinner and smaller than ever before.  Job done I would say.  The Nano iGlue.  Designed for those with more money than sense and fingers no bigger than 3 year old child………who has small fingers.  

I had intended on painting and cutting out the extrusion holes etc. on this model, but alas, this was not to be.  As I only received the second half the night before the due date, I thought it best not to try and rush a paint job and ruin it.  Shame.  It would have been nice to give it some realism as bare blue foam looks terrible.

One thing I have realised is I have forgotten to mention what each of the accessories do and why they are there, so I shall remedy that rookie mistake:

exploded LANDSCAPE V2

The main body has a short length lightning port power cable which provides very little in the way of power to the glue gun.  It takes ages for the glue to melt as it runs on lower power and  it can easily be disconnected from the power adapter, due to its slim connector shape.  The power adapter is a brick of a thing and needs to hang right next to the body of the glue gun, making it very awkward to use.  The body of the glue gun itself is made from a single piece of aluminium – standard apple – which has been milled down and then glued / welded together so it can never come apart.  When gluing, the metal casing becomes so hot that it is too hot to hold.  Literally, Apple will burn your fingers; check out that for a metaphor.  To overcome this you can buy a protective silicone case that keeps your hand from burning and protects the case from getting scratched…….which it will…….almost immediately.  The trigger has been removed and replaced by a mouse style trackpad.  The problem is, it only works if you have extremely clean fingers – which you won’t if you’re crafting – and only if you can hold the glue gun, which you can’t because it is too hot once it has warmed up and is ready to glue, which will be ages because of the lightning port lead.  The iTrigger replaces the touchpad with a mechanical trigger.  For purists, the trackpad trigger sends a signal to an electronic servo, which turns a roller wheel that is attached to the glue stick slider.  The iTrigger is plugged into the ac adapter making it more awkward to use.  The glue stick has been replaced by Apple Glue Pills as they are easier to store, run out almost immediately and need to be replaced more often.  It also means that normal glue sticks cannot be used on this glue gun.  Only Apple branded Glue Pills.  The iFeed melts a standard glue stick into Glue Pills as you press on the trigger.  This, you guessed it, plugs into the now very chunky, ac adapter.  The extrusion hole at the front end of the glue gun is triangular and tiny.  It is designed for more accurate craft work and a visual reminder that Apple fixed this thing.  More importantly, it ensures the clean lines of the design are not ruined by a dirty hole.  Being so small, the hole will get blocked all the time, the glue gun will end up breaking and being discarded.  Not a problem though as the new version is about to come out………five days after the old one.  Now with a more sensitive finger pad and different sized Glue Pills.  Amazing.  I shall buy one now.

So on the morning of the presentation, have I enjoyed this project?  Hmmmm, I’m not sure.  I enjoyed my response to the brief – rehash an old deign to make it sell more – as I basically ripped into the basis of the brief: consumerism.  For me, this world cannot continue its consumerist ways.  We cannot keep flogging a dead horse just by putting a new shade of lipstick on the poor thing.  Its dead.  It stinks.  The whole idea of just putting a new shell on technology that ceases to change – rightly as a glue gun works just dandy in its current form – is just a way of making landfill.  Old glue guns go in the bin as the new design has been marketed well.  New glue guns have been designed to the lowest price point and have in-built obsolescence so will break quicker than the last model.  All this before we consider the use of finite resources, the toxins produced in making it and the fact that it is made so far away from point of sale.  At the end of the day, it gets dark.  One day it might stay like that as we have burnt up all our fuel and piled up so much rubbish, we can’t see out of our windows.  PD needs to evolve.  We seem to be fed by the marketing department.  Rehash, rehash, rehash.  No, think new.  Perhaps the best solution to a new design for a glue gun would be: don’t do it.  The old glue works just fine.

As a project for us however, I can’t say it engaged me.  It is too BSc focused.  Too restrictive.  I’m not a BSc student, I’m BA through and through.  The level of creative freedom in this brief has been removed in favour of the BSc approach.  The title of this module is The Practicing Product Designer.  To train us to be professional product designers.  I would argue that it is missing three letters off the end of the the title: BSc.  It feels as though the training is to make me a BSc product designer.  There seems to be no differentiation between the two course.  They are two separate courses.  Surely they are as separate as fine art is to ceramics.  If I presented my real response to the brief, I would have shown two pages from a screwfix catalogue of glue guns and say, these are just fine, we don’t need anymore; I wouldn’t have meet the deliverables in the brief.  For me, that would have been a valid response.  I could have evidenced it to give it solid grounding; justify my reasoning.  You may want to check out Callums blog ( for more thoughts on the BA / BSc debate.  He’s a class act, that guy.
Oh well.  Here’s hoping the new brief will be to design an e cigarette for badgers.


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