Tunnel Vision

Now where was I?  That’s right, I was about to start creating the posters for the glue gun brief.  Exciting times, I know.  Means I was ripping into apple, I had to ensure that my posters showed everything the brief required – large view of external shape and internal components image – but more importantly, looked like it was something apple would produce.  They seem to have a stripped back style, with a heavy use of white and simple photos of their product.

Give the marketing department a rise.

The question now remains: landscape or portrait?  Option B, portrait.  The glue gun is tall and slim so lends its shape to the layout.  Let’s roll….


There has been a development!  We have been given a list of tight guidelines that our presentation boards need to adhere to!  

Saaaaaaay whatttttttt!!?!?!  

I have done my best to keep ahead of this project, to ensure that I was able to dedicate more time to reading in preparation for my dissertation, and then, like a cheeky finger in a prostate exam, I have been delivered an unpleasant surprise.  

Start again.  Well that’s fun.  I understand they are guidelines, and then have been given to us as a helper, but why not present it alongside the brief at the beginning?  More so, why do we need guidelines anyway?  It’s bad enough that our products are all the same – a glue gun, yey – now we have to all deliver the same boards?  Surely this just stunts progress?  How can there be improvement in the field if we are all making the same future landfill and presenting it like a carbon copy of the previous person.  We’re all just walking down the same never ending tunnel, locked off from the outside world.  I feel as though it would have been easier to present an existing glue, using their existing advertising and just photoshop it as a different colour.  There you go, a brand new product.  Innovation right there.  It is now red.

In other news, I have made my presentation boards (Landscape, you may notice).  

I showed them to Paul for feedback, and, in general, he was happy.  Just needed to tidy the first image as the material didn’t render very well in keyshot and move the lighting slightly.  The second board was rushed when I showed it to Paul as I had to change the page orientation(!), which then wrecked any balance the page had.  Here are the final(?) versions for presentation:

non exploded LANDSCAPE V2exploded LANDSCAPE V2
I am currently still waiting for my blue foam models to be cut out on the CNC machines.  I gave my files in first thing on Tuesday so I am not sure why it is taking so long?  I know other files that were submitted significantly later have already been done.  I assume it is being done alphabetically.  Damn.  This won’t give me much time to prep the exterior, paint it and add the logo.  So much for trying to get ahead.  On the plus side, I’ll have a nice blue foam glue gun at the end of it.

For those interested…(ha), the inside of the trigger accessory has got the remaining original parts inside:

trigger internal


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