Tuning Stage

It’s been a while, dear reader, but I have returned with an update from the future.  The first thing I can tell you is, like any story involving time travelling, things become convoluted very quickly.  I shall, however, endeavour to make this as painless as possible, so please stick with me on this journey into death, life, trees and David Bowie.  All will be explained.


Firstly, I shall continue with the project the original team are working on: What if all trees were used for music?  When I left you last time, dear reader, we had reached a conclusion that the progressing idea for this team was that trees are more valuable in the ground and used as a speaker for broadcasting music to all that wish to tune into the tree.  How could this be achieved?  What would society look like?  What consequences would this have?  As a group, this is the rough mind map we produced from our discussions:


At the end of this, we started to discuss the possible artefacts and scenarios that would exist in this reality; here are the notes:

For clarity, we decided upon:

  • a catalogue for trees, indicating to the purchaser which tree would be best suited to a particular type of music.  In existing language, it would be an audio catalogue, listing speakers, amps etc.  As Will is a Graphic Designer, he was keen to take this on.
  • a selection of photoshopped images from famous movies where the speaker had been replaced by a tree.  Originally, the idea came to me of filming the opening scene of Back to the Future, but when Marty McFly plugs his guitar into the giant speaker.  Our version would show someone plugging a guitar into a tree, striking a cord and being blown back by the sound.  A flock of birds being seen vacating the tree.  Robbe wasn’t the most adept with Photoshop, but loved the idea so wanted to take this challenge on.
  • a selection of sketches showing a snapshot of society from the future.  I took this on as I am terrible at sketching and wanted to push myself.
  • a prototype tree as a speaker.  Obviously, we will fake this, but the effect should be great.  Robbe and I took this on.
  • a prototype of mini ear buds using seeds.  I took this on.
  • a document outlining the technical details of the technology existing now that can ground our idea.  Yiwen took this upon herself.


As a team, we decided that we wanted a brand name to group all the responses together.  I wanted to pursue something with a non-English name, but was believable as a company.  Robbe suggested Boom, it’s Dutch for tree.  Perfect.  Absolutely, perfect.  Nice work Robbe.

With the name suggested, and roles assigned, our reality was taking shape.  Cool.  

Wait!  Wait a minute sunshine!  Don’t you have another team member that you haven’t mentioned and hasn’t been allocated a role?  Yes.  Yes we do.  Regina.  As previously mentioned, he English is poor, but that is not the issue, it’s her attendance.  She doesn’t.  I’m used to working hard, putting the hours in and fully realising the ideas.  Robbe seems to have the same work ethic and desire to experiment; he is a great teammate.  With some delay, and after Robbe had made a logo for our brand already, we asked if Regina would be able to create a logo for us – it seems only right and fair that we all have at least one thing we contribute to the group so it is a collective response.  Here are the logos, (we chose the top right image to take forward):boom-logosWill has been working on the catalogue, using the tree selections Robbe had sourced based on musical genres.  At time of writing, it is not finished yet so I will hold back on posting an image.

Here are the photoshopped images Robbe produced:

Subtle but cool.


These are the sketches I have been working on:


Sketchy is right!

The prototype tree is potted and awaiting its moment of glory, so again, the image will have to wait until after the final day.

Same goes for the ear buds, they are currently still being tuned:


So where are we at the moment?  We have everything pretty much ready to present on Thursday 15th February, or in a final state of growth, and I am looking forward to it.  There is a but, however.  A big but.  We have a new teammate, Jodie.  She was listed as part of our team from day one, but only turned up with two weeks to go.  No idea where she has been and no reasoning offered, but hey ho.  I brought her up to speed with the project and asked if she could take some time mull over the scenario and provide her response.  At time of writing, we are still waiting with bated breath.


Time for the manifesto for this project.  I wanted something witty but descriptive of the idea.  What if  I redefine the definition of tree in the dictionary?  It basically spells out what we want to do, without the boredom of paragraph of text.  I also redefined paper as trees are too valuable to be used for paper in the future.  They have been laid out to look like they have been torn out of a dictionary:

treble | tree-hugger





  1. consisting of three parts; threefold.


  • “the fish were caught with large treble hooks”


    • three times as much or as many.


  • “the tip was at least treble what she would normally have given”






noun: tree; plural noun: trees

    1. a living transmitter and receiver of all known human sound waves.


  • synonyms: radio (c.2033)


      • (in general use) any bush, shrub, or herbaceous plant with a tall erect stem, either grown with a biological transmitter or retrofitted with an external device.
    1. a listening device – traditionally deployed by the government or mass corporations – to collect data for the greater good.


  • microphone, wire, wiretap (c. 2034)


        1. a tree planted outside Trump Jr’s lair.
    1. a perennial plant (living), that is used to play music through.


  • speakers, headphones, earphones (c. 2029)


    • BOOM_BUDS (common brand) used by a youth to listen to music on the move.
  1. a (traditionally) plastic ‘tree’ – known commonly as a Plastic – used by small business to ward off unwanted visitors; a fake listening device.
    • dummy security cameras (c. 2042)

a Plastic fitted inside the vans of U-Drop Couriers (common brand)


verb: tree; 3rd person present: trees; past tense: mute; past participle: muted; gerund or present participle: treeing




  1. A small brown songbird which creeps about on the trunks of trees to search for insects


tree diagram


  1. a diagram with a structure of branching connecting lines.




  1. a slang term used to describe a BOOM Gardener.


papaya | paprika





  1. a tropical fruit shaped like an elongated melon, with edible orange flesh and small black seeds.
  2. the fast-growing tree which bears the papaya, native to warm regions of America. It is widely cultivated for its fruit, both for eating and for papain production.





noun: paper; plural noun: papers

    1. material manufactured in thin sheets from the pulp of scale insects, (known commonly as Tree bugs); used for writing, drawing, or printing on, or as wrapping material.


  • “a sheet of paper”


synonyms: writing paper, note paper

    1. an illegal parchment made from the pulp of trees.  Only ‘Limb Papers’ printed pre. 2047 are exempt.


  • Books, newspapers, the exterior of a homemade cigarette (banned in 2029 after the fire at BOOM_FEST 2028).


    1. a long defunct term relating to a set of examination questions to be answered at one session.  Superseded by GoogleBrain.


  • “we had to sit a three-hour paper”


synonyms: exam, examination, test (c. 2023)


verb: paper; 3rd person present: papers; past tense: compost; past participle: composted; gerund or present participle: composting





    1. a small rounded protuberance on a part or organ of the body.


  • “as food touches the tongue it comes into contact with the sensory papillae”


  1. a small fleshy projection on a plant.





noun: paprika

    1. a powdered spice with a deep orange-red colour and a mildly pungent flavour, made from the dried and ground fruits of certain varieties of pepper.


  • a deep orange-red colour.



Now, onto Team C…
This deserves a fresh blog post.


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