Leap of faith

Well, well, and well.  It has been a while since we have discussed the BBC brief.  At the last update – it was still 2016 then – I had presented my folding table / cube / entertainment device / art piece and was awaiting a response.  The feedback from Richard was very positive and resulted in a strong mark.  Phew.  I did put a lot of work in so that’s good to hear.  End of conversation, I hear you say?  Well….no.  Not quite.  The backbone of this project was the fact that it was an active competition and only a select few would go through to the BBC proper.  As a collective, we were asked to vote for our favourite designs to help Richard and Paul make a decision as to who would be put forward, regardless of their final mark; (a good idea is still good, even if it is poorly presented).  Much thanks to my peers as I was voted to go forward.  Richard and Paul agreed.  Cool.  Send the presentation boards off; package the model in a jiffy bag and wing it off to the BBC.  Wait?  What?  We need to rework our presentation boards?  Cut four boards down to three?  


My feedback stated that my boards were a little overcrowded and needed cutting back a little.  I agree but we now only have three boards?  This may be tricky.  I have a tendency to overthink things, sweating the small stuff – is this the best font I can choose?  I get carried away with a concept or an idea, and end up in tunnel vision.  I think something is great, but when I leave it for a while and reassess, I think it looks rubbish.  I look back on my previous boards and think this very thought.  Plus, I know my design very well and I struggle to get the idea across with simplicity, which is ironic as the idea is very simple.  My biggest problem is that the design works best when you have the model in hand and can start to form random positions with it.  


Nevertheless, I need to try.  What is the key to my design?  What did I want to achieve?  What do I want to show the BBC?  That I am different.  That my idea is anything but humdrum.  That it doesn’t already exist.  That it is fun.  My boards need to reflect this.  Rightly or wrongly, this is what I have submitted:


This displays my influences and keywords associated with them along with the BBC and the new development buzzwords and things my design does NOT want to be seen as.  I am very happy with this board as it looks clean, uncluttered.  There is enough information on there, but I hope it is not too over crowded.  Fingers crossed someone spots the Monty Python reference to the multi positions of the Silly Walks sketch.  Eagle eyed viewers will notice the very first BBC logo at the bottom of the page.


This board is all about the sketches and thought process.  Hazed along the top are my early iterations, but as the BBC have no interest in this, I decided to really fade this detail back.  I’m unsure whether the sketches show the design and how it works but I have tried my best to get the idea of multiple positions across without overloading the page.  Note the mid generation BBC logo.


The final board is the proposal and I wanted a really large image on the page without too much extra overloading it.  I’m really happy with the main rendered image and think it very apt to have the comic relief image on the top.  The smaller images on the side are there to show several other positions and the possibility of stacking tables together.  Most people have put a highly detailed exploded view of their table on the page but as my design is so simple, I didn’t think it made sense to have it on there.  I provided a very simple component list and indicated what the materials could be, without restricting the purchaser to the be forced into pre-made decisions.  


Finally, we have the small – read MASSIVE – matter of the A1 poster.  It is meant to depict the table in situ; really sell the idea and details of the table.  I went the other way.  I took the idea of a poster and ran with it!  It will certainly have impact, whether they like it, who’s to know?  (Come on!  Massive in joke there!!!).


I’m really happy with the final result.  I think the image has impact and gets the idea across of the personalisation and finding your design.  Claiming your space.


Overall I’m happy.  The boards look good and are of a high quality finish.  On reflection, they may not clearly describe the design to it’s fullest, but I have done my best at the time.  I am proud that I tried something different.  The design is a far cry from all the other designs, the boards are different and the poster should certainly stand out.  For that part, good times.  Will they choose it?  Probably not.  They probably want this, just in gold.



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