Ashes to ashes

Team C has become a full on team.  We have been keen to explore the theme of death…or life…or afterlife?  After our discussions, I’m not quite sure where we stand.


What if after death, there were a second life?  We propose a future where we claim back death from the grim reaper and put the power of the afterlife back into the hands of human mortals.  What impact does this proposal have on a society?  How would people change?  Would people not care about death anymore as it is merely a change of form at some point along their timeline?  As a group, we sat down and discussed all of this.  Thankfully I recorded it, as I would never have remembered any of the keypoints by the end of the discussion.  I have included the transcript at the end of this post.  


As a summary, we decided that if we had access to all known data collected on an individual – scrapped from social media – along with their human ashes once cremated, could we reanimate the ashes with the radio waves of the data and reform human 2.0?  Would this provide a person with the physical form and memories of their lost loved one?  Would we want this?  Is it that far removed from having an urn on the mantelpiece and watching videos of the person on TV?  If this were the future, what artifacts would this society need?  An urn would be redundant but we would need something to put the ashes into so we can reanimate them.  We would also need access to data.  Lots of data.  Wait a moment?  What about the Amazon Echo?  A device that lives in the home, listing to you, waiting for a command and ready to provide a response.  The more it listens, the smarter it gets, i.e. it gathers more data.  What if the future version of the Amazon Echo uses the responses and memories of a person, rather than an a made up persona?  What if it were able to animate the human ashes so it could have a physical form as well?  It’s not that crazy, really.  So we have an artifact.  We just need to flesh (forgive the pun), it out a little.


Data.  We need more data.  What if we had a scenario where we had to wear a facial feature / personal trait capturing device for a period of time to ensure Amazon had enough of the ‘person’ before they died?  We need to make this.  I really wanted to make this.  Let’s film someone!  I have made some really small videos previously, but have not done so for some time.  With a bit of Blue Peter esq ingenuity, I made a body mount for my camera and proceeded to walk around various places, filming myself making the subtlest of moves.  Nothing exciting, only the boring bits.  Cutting the video, I took inspiration from the soundtrack (David Bowie), and it’s accompanying video and made something a little abstract.  I loved it.

We needed a name for this product.  Something fitting.  Callum ( came up with the genius of Amazon Pulse.  Amazon keep the pulse beating after it ‘naturally’ stops.  




Taking this further as a complete package, Callum also cut together some photoshopped images of the Amazon Pulse in situ, using the existing Amazon Echo adverts as templates.  Personally, I think they look amazing:


We also wanted a poster depicting the emotions being captured by the Pulse so again, Callum employed his editing skills and collaged this image:


Finally, we needed a manifesto.  Sticking with the package theme, I suggested we reword the specs for the Amazon Echo; keeping the whole sales approach.

Group C Manifesto

In a society where we long for the people we have lost, we demand a way of communicating and connecting with life once taken from us.

We demand to take control of DEATH.

We demand a change to the definition of LIFE and DEATH.

Dust is the answer! We need to keep hold of the dust and the particles around us, they will be the key to bringing back the lives of people no longer with us. We want to be able to draw up the emotions and the characteristics, using the very ashes they have left behind to recreate a figure of their lives.

Imagine a place where you could be sat at home, being able to enjoy a movie or dinner with your favourite person who was lost to you. Don’t dream any longer about hearing their voice, or missing out on any of their little quirks.


With the Amazon Pulse this can all be accomplished, by the wave of your hand or the words in your voice you can say hello to relatives once lost.

Using the ashes of the person that was lost the Pulse can reanimate your loved ones, providing you with all the old comforts you so dearly missed.

Always getting smarter – the amazon pulse learns about the person’s emotions and characteristics before their passing, so that the reanimation is a life like to the individual as possible.

Sustain life for as long as possible with the long-lasting battery life function, recharge the battery and take your lost loved one on holiday, or a lovely walk in the countryside. Never lose them again with the plug-in adapter, just keep the device plugged in and your loved one will last for ever.

Amazon pulse – You only live once (or as long as the battery lasts).

Wait!  There’s more!  At the 11th hour we have decided to make a fake Amazon Pulse model.  I’ve made the base, Kayla has formed the humanoid outline and we will combine it on the day of presentation (tomorrow).  I’ll update with the images shortly.

For now, I cannot wait for presentation day.  I have absolutely loved this field module.  My thought processes were changing and I was beginning to see through my personal glass ceiling, but after this, I have a new hope for my future.  Stay tuned for an upcoming Ramblings blog post!


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