The Missing Link

There has been an interesting development, dear reader.  I have been chatting to another team member about an idea.  A separate to the hunting for souls idea.  An idea that will cross over groups.  Is this allowed?  Are we meant to mix up the teams?  Who knows.  Either way, we’re talking about it and it’s getting weird!  I like this.


Speaking to Callum, it occurred to me that we could link our idea – searching for the evidence of a soul and if CCTV cameras stole part of a person’s soul, could we prove this using the concept of emptiness – with his ideas of kinetic architecture, mapping wifi / mobile phone hotspots and having a ‘living’ map of the city.


  1. Map the hotspots of the city – this means CCTV, mobile phones and wifi etc..
  2. Plot them on a map.  Have people update them via social media so it becomes a living map; ever evolving.
  3. ‘Invent’ something that can mould radio waves into simple structures, like the kinetic architecture concept.  These can be used to sit on or block out the signal – like a sphere – creating your own personal silent space.  It could be a simple fold out device, that you carry around.  Chuck it on the floor and sit within it.


This is interesting.  Very interesting.  We have been tasked with making the invisible, visible and claiming back the hertzian space.  This idea uses the invisible – radio waves – and turns them into a structure for someone to block out radio waves!  You could have this sphere of peace around you as you walk.  Imagine if you are sat on a bus and some obnoxious person is face-timing their pet cat at full volume, and you just sit next to them.  No more signal.  No more idiot.  Sit next to a CCTV camera and the signal is blocked.  Sorry Big Brother, you’re not stealing my soul.


The idea went further: what if the technology would pick up dust along with the radio waves?  Dust in the mix could make the sphere look like a rainbow coloured orb of beauty – (see this link for an eye opening introduction to the wonders of dust –  It could even react to the amount of data that is in the air, changing colour accordingly; a visualisation of the invisible.  Not a bad idea…and then we started talking more.  It went really deep!

Urn, Baby, Urn

What if, rather than regular dust mixed with radio waves, it were human ashes – the dust of the dead?  Could we animate the dust into a humanoid form using the ashes of someone who has been cremated?  Could we then reanimate a human?  If the radio waves that were mixed with the ashes was the data from the person’s social media account, would we have their memories and physical matter?  Would that humanoid be dead or alive?  Is this the afterlife?  Do we have the power of God?  Can we be trusted?  Would we be tempted to murder the humanoid?  Would you live forever?  What is life?  What is death?  What is the afterlife?  If life comprises of memories and matter, then we have both.  If life is also the soul, the human spirit, the essence, the feeling that someone is the room, even when you can’t see them; would this dust humanoid provide this feeling?  It went much further than this, and far more exploratory, but these are the core ideas.


So where do we go with this?  Callum and I are in teams that are exploring separate ideas,  but this is if far too interesting to let slip away.  We may need to splinter group away or work two projects, side by side.


Introducing, TEAM C…

After several discussions – one really deep and exciting conversation in particular – we are now in a splinter team of four: myself, Callum, Kayla and Tom.  It is not clear yet whether we will work on this idea as our only proposal, or whether we still need to maintain our original teams.  I feel the later will be the case.  For now, it will be an exploration into death, life and all the inbetween.  Wish us luck, dear reader, for we may not know what we might find.

The splinter cell

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