Like Atticus, I have returned.


Returned to what you say?  The Future.  Yes, like Marty Mcfly, I am about to go Back To The Future!  I’ve never been there before, so how I can go back I’m not sure, but hey, let’s see what happens.  Can’t be all bad, can it?  


[Opens newspaper, sees Donald Trump is about to inaugurated as American President.]


This terms Field is simply entitled Futures.  I say simple, but what is simple about the Future?  How far into the future?  Sixty seconds?  I think I know what I’ll be doing then, (this blog).  Sixty days?  Hmm mid March, 2017, not sure, probably blogging.  Sixty years?  Probably dead or a head in a jar on a shelf.  Cool.  So what happens to my soul when I’m in my jar of vinegar?  Will it cease to be?  Will it move onto a new soul and start again?  Do I have a soul?  Has it been stolen?  Like Doctor Faustus, did I sell it to the devil for a bag of nuts one drunk night in a pub?  Who knows?  Maybe we could find out.


I think I need to backtrack a little.  The purpose of this field module is to make something invisible, visible.  Dunne and Raby – Google them – discuss the idea that emanating from all electronic items is an electromagnetic field.  These fields are invisible to the naked eye but are in a constant state of interaction with each other.  Sit a TV next to a telephone next to radio and there is a dance of waves happening right in front of your eyes, but you cannot see it.  This is the Hertzian Space.  We are about get down and dirty in this space, this void, this unknown, unseen quantity.  This space is dominated by an unseen force that is taking over our lives, right in front of our very eyes, but we are literally blind to it.  We need to claim this space back.  We need to save our souls.


Ah, souls  I knew we would make back here.  So what has souls got to do with the invisible space?  Held within plain sight of this Hertzian Space is a myriad of technologies that we can see, but have now become blind to: CCTV cameras.  They are everywhere.  They watch our every movement without our consent; I don’t remember agreeing that this could happen?  When I was a bambino, I don’t remember being handed a form to sign to say that I was happy to be filmed wherever I crawl, glance over it for a microsecond, and then sign it with a crayon.  Yet we are filmed regardless.  Who cares though, right?  It’s for our protection.  If someone mugs me for my crayons, it should hopefully be on film and they can catch the Crayola Criminal.  What if you are from a different culture; one which believes that a photograph of them captures part of their soul?  What happens when they are filmed buy these cameras?  How much of their soul is left after a hour walking around a city centre?  


So what can we do about it?  How can we save a soul?  We could trace all known CCTV cameras in the city, make them publically seen on a map, allowing those to plot a route that avoids all of these encounters.  Soul safe?  Maybe, but is there a soul?  Can we see a soul?  If it does exist, then it must be something that is currently invisible to us.  It operates on a different spectrum.  Our eyes can see a certain spectrum of light, the same as our ears have a frequency spectrum that we can hear.  Is there a way of attuning ourselves to soul FM?  This is what we aim to find out.  The Japanese culture – amongst others, I’m sure – believe that if we have an empty space, then because empty equals the possibility of being filed, then gods may find it and enter it.  What if we had an ‘empty space’ and see if we can try and make the invisible, visible.  If we had our empty space in a graveyard, would a soul enter it?  If it did and we could ‘see’ it, then would we be able to run the same experiment in an area populated by a mass of CCTV cameras and detect the same thing?  i.e. would we find evidence to suggest that there are souls next to CCTV cameras; proof of soul theft?  How can we make this visible?  A working experiment is to create our own empty space and release a handful of powdered paint from above and see what pattern it creates on a canvas below.  Doing this will help us ‘prove’ a few things: firstly that there is no such thing as an empty space, it is filled with air, wind, dust, radio waves, microscopic creatures etc.  Second, if we perform this experiment next to a grave – where there could potentially be souls – then we will have one specific image.  If we then carry this out next to a selection of other CCTV cameras, and we receive the same image, does this then suggest that there are souls next to CCTV cameras?  

I am not in this alone.  We are working in teams.  Random teams.  We have a language barrier.  Two of my colleagues are Chinese and their English is poor – in fairness, I can’t speak Chinese(!) – one other is Belgian, (his English is superb), and a local chap…who hasn’t turned up.  Cool.  This is what it’s about I guess.  Some people will have a lucky break and work with friends or creative people, some will end up with a team that doesn’t turn up and others will have to work hard to get the best out it that they can.  I work hard.  So for now I will look in the mirror and see if I can see my soul.  Wish me luck, dear reader.

My Team at work

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