You’re Fired

Stand Up and Shut Up!

Actually, no, don’t shut up.  Talk, engage customers, smile, be courteous.  Call everyone Mam, and Sir.  Don’t burp out loud!

Yes folks, it’s sales day.  After weeks of prep, stress and sanding, we have arrived at the 1st of December; the big day.  The stand stands out (?!?!), our uniforms look great and the stock is ready to sell.  At around 9am, we made our first sale.  Two big coasters gone.  I knew people would like these.  Then some keyrings, a few more coasters, more keyrings, I even sold our silver mug!  As the day went on, Mat, Ellen and myself became candidates for the apprentice…just without the pompous air of capitalist greed.  We took the time to engage customers, explain what we were doing, why we had done it and what deals we had.  All over a sudden, the day was over.  Literally, in whirlwind of a day, we had sold all of our big coasters – even the one I kept back for myself – and many of the keyrings.  Perhaps 80% of the total stock.  Not bad.  We had made our money back and more, so were in the clear.  More importantly, however, we had got the message out there about giving products a second life, and had kept some items from landfill.  The greater good.  Post sales day, Mat and Ellen managed to sell more of the products to friends and family, plus some through our social media sites.  All told, we had a little over £288; £188 of which is cold hard profit.  

Dragons Den

To the day of the pitch.  We had 15 minutes to sell our idea to Richard and two colleagues from the management building.  Apart from a few technical issues – stupid projector – it went well.  All involved went through their section with positivity and passion for the project.  We had answered many, if not all, of the questions the panel had prepared for us during the pitch and showed a great team ethic.  The biggest success of the business is that we stayed true to our core values.  We wanted to raise the issues of environmental unrest, and stayed true to this belief to the end.  The biggest issue now is that I have a load of old computer case we have no need for.  Where’s the local dump?!?!  Only joking, they are off for metal recycling.


This project has been fun, hard work, stressful, entertaining and challenging.  By the very nature of being placed in random teams with strangers, you simply don’t know if you have been lucky or unlucky with your allocation.  Have I been placed in a team of lazy, workshy people, or will I be placed with a team of creative geniuses, ready to push boundaries?

Personally, I feel as though I have put a lot of effort into this project and have tried hard to make myself the best team member I can be.  I would have loved the opportunity to have explored a really crazy avenue of interest and tried to sell something that people loved or hated, but that can be for another day.  It would have also liked to have learned some further skills within CSAD – ceramics, etc. but I have learned digital stitch, so that’s a bonus.  


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