Is this thing on…?

Plastic Fantastic

Finally!  F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!  We are at the day of the BBC pitch.  This has been a long time coming.  Seriously, I can’t believe how long ago the briefing for this project feels.  Maybe 2014?  Anyway, to the model, (plastic, not catwalk).  When I left you, dear reader, the destiny of my scale model was in the hands of the 3D printing gods.  Thankfully, after the first disaster, this set come out a treat.  They are a little rough on the edges as they were printed at a low resolution, but they will be fine.  The are 1/5th scale and the lugs work for the panels.  Yey.

After many hours of cutting out images from the BBC archive, covering them with glue – including my own fingers – I managed to coat the whole cube in BBC propaganda.  To join the whole unit together, I used a high tensile material, with all the scale properties of the seatbelt webbing I wish to use on the real version.  Duck tape.  Top stuff.

All that was left were the flat sheets and in-situ.  Flat sheets were a bit of a faff due to the amount of information I wanted to get across – and the amount of work I had done – and I struggled to compile a theme I was happy with.  Here are the end results:


The A1, in situ board was another matter.  I had a theme I wanted to employ – blurred background, table in full colour and focus – but not the skills to do this.  I have used photo editing software before – GIMP! Basically a free version of Photoshop – but I am not skilled with it.  Adding to this, I really struggled to get Solidworks to display the various shapes of the table.  It just kept messing up when I was manipulating the 3D image.  Stupid Solidworks.  Lives up to its name: it’s solid to use and hard work.  Anyway, here it is:


Pitch Perfect

To the day of the pitch.  I strangely enjoy pitching.  Someone very learned once said to me that pitching is not the stress point, the big sales day, the only opportunity to get a good grade, it is the chance to show people who you are, what you have been doing and what you are about.  Treat it like this and the pitches lose their stress; they become fun.  It was fun.  I really enjoyed the opportunity to explain my take on the brief.  I really wanted to make something that was visually intriguing, and had a great interaction factor, (I must have a go at that), and it is above all else, fun.  Fun to use, fun to look at, fun to make.  I didn’t want to design a table, I wanted to make something that would get people excited.  The table part is just a bonus.  So how did it go?  Okay, I think.  I spent the majority of the time explaining my reasoning for my design, based on the brief and the client – for me, the BBC are creative innovators, who love to challenge convention – and then the rest of it focusing on my simplistic design.  The feedback was solid, any issues raised were fair – could you trap your fingers in it?, Yes, yes you could.  Next question – and I think the idea went down well.  I think they understood where I was coming from.  Richard particularly liked the fact that the panels could easily be changed for different events.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the…Never mind

Reflection.  Bleughhhhh!  This term has taken its toll on me!  I have really learned a lot about myself.  I think I have creativity in me – I came up with enough ideas to this brief – but to my detriment.  I seem to either settle on an idea too early and then forget to develop it further, or settle and then change my mind a little while later.  Although, on reflection, perhaps my very first idea, the rock and roll table, is simply the early stage of the final Four Triangles ideas.  Very much the same as the scrunched up table design as well.  I wanted something simple and interactive: tick, tick, tick.  Visually intriguing: tick, tick, tick.  Fun: tick, tick, tick.  Not a table: tick, tick, tick.  It was a very convoluted journey and I make things very hard on myself, but perhaps they are all one and the same idea, just in a different shell.  For a more personal Blog, one will be posted soon.

Finally, will this idea be picked up and sent to the BBC?  We await with baited breath.


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