Like a Mole…

…we have become blind to the hidden beauty of the objects around us.  

This week has been challenging for team Cobble.  We have communication issues and are lacking a sense of direction.  One of our team members is not great, (by this I mean, never responds) at communicating during our days away from the group.  I sent out a list of things that needed to be tackled next and wanted to be achieved by the end of our Thursday meeting.  It seemed a realistic target to me, and felt as though the tasks were assigned to the best team member.  

What needs to be done:

  • Parts (Todd):
    • Need to continue to break down computers into parts.
    • Parts need to be highlighted as best bits (ALL to decide) and cut up.
    • We need to test the resin in a mould.  I will ask Richard if we can use their product to do this.  I will do this first thing so….
    • ….I can make a saleable prototype by the end of the day.
  • Designs (Guilia drives but we ALL have a design say):
    • Designs need to be made for each product line.  How do they need to be made, what each item needs to complete it (resin molded item plus necklace component plus bag to sell it in???).  From this, we can have a bill of materials needed, a cost can be derived and a how-to-build process will be made.  
    • Components can be made such as braiding the cables ready to accept the pendant / keyring / bracelet clip etc.  Todd needs this to make the prototype.
  • Logo (Ellen):
    • Need to laser cut a template out of plastic so we can spray business cards and branding boards for advertising around the building and sales day.  
    • Posters and advertising can be started from this template (to work with Mat to have consistency with social media etc.)
    • Digital stitch the logo on clothing so we can wear around the building (in the ethos of the company, these shouldn’t be new clothes, I think).  Perhaps we can each bring in a t-shirt / shirt / jumper / that we can stitch a logo onto or turn the item into an apron?
  • Social media (Mat):
    • Facebook / twitter / instagram etc. needs to be updated with new photos / updates etc.
    • Business Plan (Mat drives it at the mo but we All contribute)

Come Thursday, however, things started with a throw of a bag!  Welcome missing team member!!  We just didn’t seem to get things going as the plan dictated.  I asked Richard for the silicone and resin so I could make the components needed for a prototype, letting them dry throughout the day, and grabbed some more kit to start taking apart.  Guilia is in a world of one, so she started doing….I’m not sure, I was too scared to ask!  

As a team we, (Ellen), asked if she could make some prototype bags that we could put our jewellery into when we sold it.  In a process of hacking things apart, she did do this, but not to the standard we were hoping to do so.  Ellen and Mat started to update our social media.  

As we were continuing, we were given a piece of advice – make something!  We were getting carried away with the beginning and end of this project, but not the actual making.  If we had nothing to sell, then what is the point of advertising it?!  This is what I wanted to happen.  I was planning to continue to take the items apart whilst making a prototype, and Guilia – plus the rest of team as a joint decision – would identify the best bits of the items found, highlighting them with a sharpie or similar.  With Guilia ‘missing’, this did not happen.  We were in no man’s land.  Sigh.  With Craig telling us to make and look for the beauty within – the right advice – Mat took it upon himself to make some moulds and cast the resin.  All hell broke loose!  Mat managed to squeeze the resin mix into his mouth by mistake, and there was a serious danger of him causing real damage, but thankfully, apart from him being shaken up, nothing long lasting happened.  Phew.

So where are we?  I managed to find these beautiful heatsinks in some of the computers, that will make lovely coasters:


This is what I was hoping for.  To find opportunities.  We can make lots of nice things to sell or cast in resin, but we need to identify them first.  There is no point in running ahead with a plan without the object of interest to pursue.  With these babies on the desk, and the positive words many people said about them, I think team morale went up and we started to take more things apart.  Always fun.  The team has lost faith in the jewellery / wearable accessories idea, focusing on keyrings and selling pre-made items, such as the heatsink coasters.  It is a fair point to make that the cable is difficult to join together to make a necklace, but we can order clips to make this happen.  I think we do need to have a few avenues to display the beauty of these components.  If we can make each cast resin item, a mini piece of art, frozen in time, then we are onto a winner.  If we make keyrings with a tiny bit of PCB in, then I have concerns.  We don’t have much time left.

Beauty is on the inside.

To try and make sure we had the best possible items available to us, I stayed late on the Thursday taking apart everything we had; trying to find something that would really shine.  We have a lot of components, many of which are the same, but I did manage to find some lovely detailed bits within the DVD drives.  These should make something nice.  The biggest issue I can see is the repetition of designs.  If we are trying to make unique items, we cannot crank out 100 identical keyrings.  As I said earlier, mini pieces of artwork, frozen in time.

8:22pm: All alone in the studio.

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