Searching For Gold

At the start of this week’s Field session, we were in a difficult situation; put simply, we had no stock!  For this project to work, we need to collect as many items as possible, so we can turn them into objects of desire.  I managed to get a load of old telephones, and Mat acquired a box of items from a local charity shop, but this small amount does not a business make.  With the morning meeting delayed – I think they were getting coffee (?!) – I went off to find Craig Thomas, a lecturer who has been guiding us through this process.  With his help, I managed to source a few old broken projectors and sound recorders.  A good start, but not enough.  So I decided to keep things close to home and go around each department of the university, begging for items.  First point of call: the IT suite!  Eureka!  I had struck gold in them there hills.  Jon at the IT desk gave me an entire cage of broken / end of life computers, around 20-25 in total.  Whoop, whoop.  We have our stock to proceed with.  It is a shame that we have only got digital items, but I think it is a reflection of the current state of this throwaway society.  We spend hundreds of pounds on computer based tech, only for it to be outmoded in a very short space of time.  These items are made of hundreds of parts, consisting of thousands of mini components and are generally tossed aside.  What a waste.


Break time

The afternoon was spent cataloguing the items, with myself breaking them down – I have built many computers so I knew the quickest way to do this – and the rest of the team looking into prototype products.  Being creative.  


It has been mentioned previously that we are going to cast the items in resin, keeping the sharp edges at bay, and so we spent some time looking into silicone moulds and resin.  Richard then proceeded to give us a master class in silicone moulds and resin.  How timely.  We moulded a piece of circuit board and my fingers as a test; check out the detail.


As we have yet to make anything or have t-shirts to get the branding out, Giulia went around the university, leaving signs of business name and facebook details, so people can check us out.


We still have lots to do at present, but on the plus side, we have moulds and resin on the way to us, Mat has made a solid start on the business plan and we have a massive stockpile of items to turn into gold.  I am Midas.


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