Today we took our long awaited trip to the Bisley factory in Newport.  After a sit down presentation in the morning – why do the tallest people always sit at the front(?) – we were treated to a tour of the office of the building.  Each room was decked out in Bisley products; a clear indication of the scope and range of items they provide.  From here, we were split into groups and taken to the factory proper.  This is a proper factory!  Noisey, massive machines, the real danger of being impaled on a speeding forklift truck; good times.  Our guide showed us all the machines, processes and stages in constructing their products.  

The main themes of this tour?  Metal and corners.  Bisley use around 700 tonnes of metal per week and exclusively make units with 90 degree corners.  A curve is not on the plans.  Also, our morning speaker said that Bisley look inwardly for their next product – i.e. what can they modify within their range to satisfy the needs of the client brief.  BBC needs a locker with a letter slot and name holder on the front?  Let’s take our cube locker and change the door.  One cool factoid that was raised – in Germany, they refer to any type of filling cabinet as a Bisley.  Much like British people refer to a vacuum cleaner as a Hoover.  

Overall, it was a great visit.  We were treated well and shown every detail of the site.  It was great to see a factory in full swing and encouraging that it is local business.  I personally feel, however, they need to think outside the box a little.


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