Down and Dirty

Quick modelling, to scale (1:5), is the name of this week’s task.  


Take your two favourite designs, and build as a quick model, to have a hands on sense of how they look in reality.  Seeing things on paper or on-screen is one thing, but seeing it as a 3D form can change perspective.


Modelling Career

Model number one is a disaster.  This is a bit harsh, it does work as the rock and roll table design indicates on paper, but it really looks chunky, awkward and angular.  This is not Bisley.  I need to change the modelling materials, or the way I approach the model making as the design needs to have rounder edges, be more visually arresting, but smaller.  This thing is a beast!  Richard gave me a word in the ear: “That’s rubbish.”  No, obviously he didn’t say that.  In fact, I think he genuinely likes the idea as he did ask if I was sticking with the Rock & Roll Table, so the design or name must be memorable.  He advised that the item needs to be smaller, or appear less chunky; that it needs to tessellate (collapse), to keep its actual and visual footprint small.  Also, that it is very clever, but will people bother to flip the table over to use?  Do these people in the BBC have time to do anything other than put their laptop and coffee down?  I think the interactivity is fun, and fitting for the BBC / OB, but would they need to put their stuff down on something else, before they can put it down on my table?  Who knows.


Number Two

How on earth can I make a one component table collapse?  Is Richard right that this is a cool design, but will people think that when they are trying kick it over?  

So what if I try to make it as two side frames and then have sliding mid sections that look like the middle canvas bit of a directors chair?  That could work.  Here is the result (please be kind, it is not my finest work!):


I know, right?  Rubbish.  I have learned something from it, so don’t panic.  I’m not being kicked off the course just yet!  I have learned that this design is ace, (massive pat on the back), but it is not right for this brief or, more importantly, the BBC.  I need to redesign.  I need to look back at my other options and see what I have.  I shall look back at my BBC and Orangebox research and try again.  I don’t mind telling you, dear reader, that this is not a great place to be!  Scrapping what I have done and starting again, with all this BBC work still to do and Field starting and Constellation and Manufacturing processes and…oh man, that is a lot of and’s!  I need to stop typing this blog and crack on!!


A Tease

This is a tease of the shape I think I will pursue for this new model:



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