We Fade To Grey

This is a difficult one to explain, but I shall try: we had a five hour lecture on dust, air and wind.  I know, right, sounds weird, but it was truly amazing.


To break this down to its core, we are fundamentally discussing our placement within the world.  Specifically, that the world is more than Us and others, it is Us, Others, Other things, EVERYTHING.  


Let us start with with Dust.  We are all, dust.  We started as dust, we create dust as we wither away, and we will return to dust.  It is not just about us, however, dust makes up everything, the trees around you, the ground under your feet, the air we breath, the colour in the sky.  No, dust doesn’t necessary equal colour, it means that without dust in the air, (we’ll come back to air later), there is nothing for the the light to bounce off.  The sun sends all its bright beauty down to our earth, but without something for the air to interact with, how can we see that with which it encounters?  Next time you see sunlight firing through a set of venetian blinds, think about what you are seeing.  Is it the sun or the dust flirting with the light rays?  Both.  Without the dust, you cannot see the light, but without the light, the dust fades to grey.


I can feel it, coming in the air tonight


Then what does light travel through?  Air.  I learned something very interesting this afternoon, something I never considered before, but makes so much sense that I feel a fool for not thinking it before.  We, as humans, are pumping out so much rubbish into the atmosphere that we are genuinely affecting the the makeup of the planet.  We know this, we have always known this, but there is a simple reason for our blinkered nature: because the fumes just disappear into the atmosphere.  Into the air.  Forming dust.  Think of a factory, with huge chimneys pumping out billowing clouds of toxic fumes.  Pictured it?  Then try and picture the end of those trailing clouds.  You can’t, right?  They just disappear into the air.  Out of sight out of mind.  So, what did I learn, that I should have known and feel foolish for not thinking about before?  That the air is all around us.  It brings life to all and is a volume for dust to play in.  We can live without food and water for days, but how long can we live without air?  It is fundamental to everybody and everything.  There is more.  The really big thing that I learned: that the air is already full.  Air is 100%.  It doesn’t need more crap in it.  We pump this rubbish into the atmosphere, but it doesn’t need more stuff in it.  

It.  Is.  Full.


You are the wind beneath my wings


So then what is the difference between wind and air.  Good question.  Wind is all around us; it is the carrier of dust, the companion to air and is the unseen force of the world.  I mean, how can we ‘see’ wind?  We can’t.  Wind can only be seen by effects.  The swirling of dust in a room, the swaying of trees or the push behind the tide that forms a tsunami. Wind forms the ripples in the dunes of a desert, is the vehicle for pollination in plants and the waves that birds fly upon.    


So What?


So everything.  We are all in a delicate balance, and any major change can cause an imbalance.  We, however, does not just mean humans, it means every animal, microbe, bacteria, flora, grain of sand, giant panda and everything in between.  We all share the same space.  We all are surrounded by the same wind, we all breathe the same air, in some form or another, and we all can be broken down to dust.  Remove all the insects from the world and the ecosystem would crumble.  Remove humans from the equation and again, disaster.  Humans have changed the delicate balance of this earth beyond reproach, just to appease ourselves.  We wish to rule this world, but we seem intent on tipping it over the edge.  Be of the earth, not on it or over it.  This may sound hippy, but it is about seeing the fundamentals that make up this place we call home.


Air from the perspective of Air.


Let me in!  

Would you let me in!  

Let.  Me.  In!  

You need me!  

Phew, he opened his mouth, I can rush inside and fill his lungs.  That was a close one.  I swear he was being so stupid, why didn’t he just take a breath and let me keep him going?  Perhaps he has a cold and couldn’t breath?  I’ve heard about that.  You need to find a way in, not just fly in through the normal route.  It makes my job as the GIVER OR LIFE so difficult; oh how I enjoy bigging myself up!  I am pretty import, mind, so it’s difficult to not let it go to you head.  
Hmm, I just can’t shake that last close call.  Why didn’t he just take a breath?  I can see he has a cold, but that has never really been a problem before; I am a professional after all.  Maybe it’s that factory over there.  I thought it was making friends for me, but it seems like they’re more like a virus.  It’s already pretty full in here, but I’m happy to make friends, but this stuff?  This…this…I don’t know.  These enemies.  They seem to  get there before I do.  I tried to get to him quickly, but they got there first.  Perhaps they gave him the cold?  I’m not liking these new tenants.  I would say they are stealing my job, but they’re making my job redundant.  They seem to be choking them.  They can’t breath me in.  I’ll never give up, but seriously, I’m running out of puff.  Oh, wait, there’s another one not breathing!  I hope I can get to her soon!  I lost two trees last week, and I am not losing this mighty oak!  She has been around too long to give up on her.


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