One Sheet

Manufacturing Processes: Sheet Metal Fabrication


Who knew there were so many ways of forming metal into products!  This week, Paul showed us a whole smorgasbord of methods and techniques to do with folding, cutting, kinking and shaping sheet metal.  Really, this was fascinating.  Some of the simple techniques were a bit underwhelming – stamping out metal parts from a sheet – but the part on deep dish forming was amazing.  Who knew that you could take a round sheet of metal – like a giant penny – and then stamp a piston into, ramming it into a hole and then, tada, instant saucepan.  Epic.


This weeks, prove-that-you-have-understood-this-information-task is to design and make a case that can hold the following components:

Circuit board, transformer, buttons, LCD screen, cables.


I’m ashamed to say that I was unable to complete this task.  With the previous issues of choosing a CAD package effectively erasing all of my CAD skills, I was already on the back foot, but I have other pressing matters to attend to.  If the BBC brief wasn’t filling our time enough, I am due to be married very shortly.  This is a big deal, as you may well imagine.  The preparation for this is taking up all of my free time…and then some.  The day this brief was due to be delivered, was the day after my wedding rehearsal.  Time is currently not my friend.  All I can do, dear reader, is to describe the idea I had:


I wanted the shape to represent an aerofoil, (wing), with both halves held together with a simple folded join and an obvious row of self-tapping screws, representing the rivets on the wing.



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