The Last Push

Week….17?  42?  Let us just call it, Final Week; and what a week it has been.


Since the last post, it has been posters, photoshop and videos.  Oh, and the small thing of setting up the exhibition.  More on this later.


Firstly, the posters.  A lasting theme during this project was the distinction between between darkness and light, black and white, and so this was something I wanted to bring to the posters.  A big emphasis however, needed to be placed on the way the head torch is powered: by the heat of the human body.  With a bit of word play, I came up with the slogan,


‘The power of light is in you.’


Indicating to the user that they are the power source.


From this starting point, I started to look into clear ways of visually displaying this slogan.  Here’s the final results:


foresight - a4 portrait just outline imageForesight - landscape A3 outline poster


Next, it was onto in-context posters.  I’m not great at photoshop – actually, I use GIMP as it’s free(!) – but these are the results:


foresight kids readingforesight giving out headtorchforesight searching through rubble

foresight - a3 landscape uprightforesight - a3 landscape exploded

Finally, it was last minute tidying up of the model, such as adding the pictogram instructions onto the side of the head strap and we are done.


Project Foresight - Full Fat VersionProject Foresight - Full Fat Version (1)

Project Foresight - Full Fat Version (2)Foresight - A4 Landscape instructions poster



The Dance:


100 Uses


I say done, there was the small matter of setting up the show!  I was lucky enough to grab myself a separate booth, that was decked out in a rather fetching black velour!  Perfect for displaying a head torch…when the head torch is on.  Not so great to show all the other process this project has been through.  




Some extra lights, removing some of the black velour and boom, we were rocking.  The lights were plugged into a single socket so I could flick the switch off when I wanted to show the torch working, but on for the rest of the time.  


Here is a video of, what is affectionately(?!?!) know as ‘The Cave’:


(Caution: there is some background voices from the studio, that may contain coarse language)

So where are we?  Today – Thursday 1st June – and the presentation is due in 17 hours and 3 minutes.  I’m currently practicing out loud, making sure I know it without prompts and hit the 5 minute mark without flying over.  Currently, I’m tipping the scales at 5 mins 33 secs, but hey, I start the video just before the 5 minute mark so surely that’s fine, right?


I must admit, these last seven weeks have felt like longer.  A lot longer.  I have put in countless hours on these projects, sleepless nights, multiple failures, but I think, I’ve enjoyed it.  I’ve learned Solidworks, video editing, illustrator, photoshop, laser cutter, 3D printing, vacuum forming and other things I can’t remember.  On a scale of 1 – 100, how much have I enjoyed it?  I’ll tell you when my results are in.


Well, dear reader, it is time for me to sign off.  It has been fun.  Disturbing, but fun.


For now,  I leave you with this famous quote:
‘Goodnight, and goodluck.’


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