Term 3: Keep It Brief

Defuturing and Redirective Practice

Illuminating the Possibilities


Give light and the people will find their own way


Design context:

We live in a world where 1.2 billion people – 17% of the global population – do not have access to electricity.  This means, when the sun goes down, they have no light source.  Sure they can use candles, but candles aren’t free and they don’t last long.  Light a fire?  Inside?  Think of the carbon monoxide poisoning.  


Without light, children are unable to continue to read, unable to continue to educate themselves.  Fathers and mothers are unable to continue to work to provide for their family.  Without light, the future is unable to be seen.



Highlight how important light is to the future development of people less fortunate than ourselves; to produce an item that will provide light for people without access to mains electricity.  To provide people with the ability to give themselves a better future.



  1. Highlight the social, economic and humanitarian issues raised by the lack of access to mains powered light.
  2. Produce an object that will provide light, without the need for electricity or disposable batteries.
  3. Produce a video showing how this object can help point (1)





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