Imagine That

What goes on in the head of a child when given the free reign to create a new soft toy?  Do they go nuts and create something unique:

Ikea toy – Potato Fly?

Do they try and recreate an animal that they know already (a tiger?), but get the perspective and proportions all wrong:

Ikea Toy – Tiger?

Or do they go for a bit of both:

Ikea Toy – Dino Crocodile?

It seems there is much logic to a child’s mind and process when creating these wonderful toys.  The ‘tiger’ one has been given four legs – as the child knows it has to have four legs – but can’t figure out how to draw them properly and so, just drew them in a line.  Each leg is in a perfect line, however, resting on an imaginary floor, so there is awareness of how the animal needs to stand.  


The task: To become young!  To enter the mind of a child and describe what he / she was thinking when they created one of the Ikea soft toys.


This is my muse:

Ikea Toy – The Scrat?


The Scat (Skunk / Cat)


I don’t like cats.  They stink.  That’s why I made it look a bit skunky.  I don’t trust cats either cos you never know if they’re gonna scratch you of stroke against you, so I gave it a sneaky looking face.  And it kinda looks like it’s got a burglar jumper on that I saw in a book, so it’s a stinky, sneaky, dodgy cat.


I don’t know the real reasoning behind the design, and I quite like that fact; preferring to allow my own creativity to take over and make up stories for myself.


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