Message For A Bottle

Here’s the basic idea of what we are looking at doing for the field project.


An interactive art display that enables the public to interact with a large scale art installation, changing the outcomes and the dynamics of the piece by physically adding to and modifying the display.


If we have a display / structure similar to these below:


The public are encouraged to bring along an empty plastic bottle, write a personal note – this could be a secret, a confession of love, a commitment you want to make, a regret, anything you want to say, but have no one to say it to or can’t say it aloud – and put it inside the bottle with the cap on.  They then push the bottle into the display (the first image shows this idea quite well).  When they push the item into the display, they press a coloured light that best represents their mood based on the note they have put in the bottle.  This coloured light then glows on the display.  After they have pushed the bottle into the display, they then press another coloured light that shows how they now feel after that have posted their secret.  The first light will show on one side of the display, the other light will be on but on exactly the other side of the display.  This shows the public from a distance, that the citizens were generally posting secrets that were sad, but after posting the bottle, they feel happier – ergo, art has made them more happy; the installation isn’t just a piece to look at, it has made a difference to their lives.  Subconsciously, we are also collecting plastic bottles, that may end up in landfill and can be recycled.




Someone puts a message in a bottle that says, ‘I wish you were still here’.  As they push their bottle into the structure, they push a blue button as this is the colour they feel best represents how they feel about their message.  Once they have posted the bottle, they start to think of positive memories about that person and feel better; they may then press a yellow button as they happier.


Examples of note leaving installations:



Also, google for the type of message people want to say but can’t.




We all are looking at pursuing this principle, but from our own personal aesthetics.


Clio (Maker) is looking into the physical side of things, experimenting with the bottles and light etc.


Shoaib (Product) is looking at sketching potential shapes and form that the installation could take.


Hayley (Illustration) is looking into personalising the bottle with pattern and paint for a more hands on approach to the message in a bottle.  More of a message on a bottle.  Artisan v’s tech approach.


Todd (Me, Product) is hoping to photoshop some photo’s to show how an installation could look and possibly a video of someone leaving a message in a bottle.


Josh (Illustration) we hoped you could look into collaging a collection of images, feelings and principles this installation would provide (referencing slightly to the Future Generations Act); but from the perspective you would take based on your skills / passions.  i.e. Hayley is still following the overall idea of the brief, but leaving a message / design on the outside of the bottle, rather than inside.


We were thinking of each doing two slides for the presentation on Monday (obviously, if we have artifacts to show that are better in person than on screen, then we can show those), and each speaking about our own slides / interpretation of the brief.


We may also need to have an initial slide that sets up the concept, but we can see if this is necessary when we get together.


We plan to meet on Friday to collate everything together, ready for monday.


We can WhatsApp ideas anytime.  Shoaib had a cool idea of using something like the coke bow shape


so people can be amongst the art, rather than it being a static wall.  This shape would present interesting dynamics: kids could only reach so high, tall people would be the only people to reach the very top spaces.  Who is most happy?  Tall people?  Kids?  Disabled?
Hope this all makes sense.  I tend to ramble on.


Cool shapes:



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