Outfitted For Society

First Layer: “A woman wearing trousers may be seen differently in certain cultures or times”

Second Layer: features and symbols of trousers

Third Layer: Type or style of trousers (formal?)

Fourth Layer: Overall outfit.


  • Trousers and waistcoat indicate smartness, age, past era.
  • No tie, relaxed trousers, waistcoats undone.
  • Trousers are brightly coloured, from relaxed material, waistcoats are bright, some with a tweed style.
  • Overall, the outfit looks smart, but relaxed, aping the victorian era – known for it’s tight collars and stiff upper lip – but removing the starch.


  • Wearing a dress with trousers and sunglasses; dress means feminine and formality, trousers can mean masculine or informal.
  • Dress is tribally patterned, made from a denim mix (relaxed), trousers are bright white indicating are purity or that the clothes are not designed to go anywhere dirty.
  • Dress and jeans are both of a relaxed style and fit, sunglasses are highly reflective and obviously not for a protective purpose.
  • Overall, the outfit appears causal, someone who has no intention of doing anything practical, but with nods to femininity and a cultural background.



  • Trousers, gloves hat and bulky jacket, all very masculine, slightly ill fitting.
  • Using modern materials, waterproof bulky, relaxed fit, pattern of jacket looks like that of a lumberjack shirt: manly, outdoorsy.
  • Very informal looking, relaxed in style but practical in its cut.
  • Very practical in its cut and use of materials, but in relaxed style and looking like someone from a very manly pastime.



  • Shorts, trainers, sports jacket indicate someone who is fit, active or doing sports.
  • Modern fabrics, designed to do a job, very loose and relaxed fit indicative of both the necessity to be loose when undertaking activity, but also in the way when doing the same.
  • Clothes seem oversized for the wearer, very informal.
  • Overall, the outfit looks like it should be for a sports person – fit, athletic – but the size, fit and way the clothes are worn – loose, unkempt – indicate the opposite: the person is lazy, and these clothes are worn for comfort, not for a purpose.

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