Lumbar Thought, Umberto Eco

I found it very interesting that jeans are seen to change the mood and demeanour of the wearer, akin to putting on a uniform – or superhero costume – and changing your performance; becoming less an object that is worn, more an addition to the body, reshaping not just your persona, but physically ‘moving’ things around.  The tight fitting, body shaping, persona shifting jeans are always making their presence felt, not falling into the subconscious like a loose shirt, keeping you in the role they demand you to play.  This is a new sensation for the writer – a man – but something that women have been aware of for years: certain items of clothing are always present, and will never leave your conscious; corsets, high heels, brassieres and other items that impose a demeanour upon the wearer.  Jeans, for the writer, not only changes the way he acts but also the way he can, ahem, walk without causing injury.  His gait has changed, his attitude to movement; he is both restricted in his everyday life, but also free to be someone else, to be another person, another persona, he can stiffly move around, hoping he doesn’t ‘catch’ something, knowing full well that the jean waistband has adjusted his body shape, but not caring as he now someone else.  He may be hindering his ability to procreate, but damn, he feels like a new man, even if that man may soon become a eunuch.


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