The Frankfurt School

The Frankfurt school – also known as the Institute of Social Research – was set up to philosophise over the theories of Karl Marx and the Marxist studies.  
In my eyes, I see this movement as highlighting the issues of consumerism and capitalism and our obsession – as a western society – with both.  For me, Apple is a prime candidate for scrutiny under this topic.  They are one the largest, most powerful and highly influential companies on the planet, making billions each year and gaining more followers by the day.  As a capitalist company, they are not concerned with the feelings or needs of their customers, selling the idea that owning their products will make your life better, and your quality of living will increase – i.e. they show us this nice shiny thing, relate it to people having a great life, and leave us to make the obvious connection, that if I buy their phone, my life will rock.  We spend a fortune consuming their products in droves, seeing it as a badge of high social standing, that we are elite and our lives will shortly be better.  For a brief period they may be.  We love our new phone…until the next version comes out that has a slightly different feature and now comes in gold!  Apple expect us to forget, that 8 months ago, they were pushing their latest iphone as the pinnacle of technology melded with lifestyle, to say that this, the new iphone, is the best iphone in the world and will make you life better; having anything else is second class.  Who do they think we are?  Surely we’re not so fickle as to fall for this ploy to fool us with flashy images and shiny things?  We’re not magpies, with a short attention span, are we?  Yes.  Yes we are.  We consume, consume, consume, without thought for the planet, the fact that we are falling for the capitalist strategy of apple, believing they care about us – but they offer applecare – thinking we are special, when we are one of millions of people, stuck on the same treadmill.  We’re not unique to Apple, we’re just another number and can be easily replaced.


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