Reader: Lyotard, The Postmodern Condition

Reader: Lyotard, The Postmodern Condition


When reading the text:


  1. What do you think Lyotard is talking about in general?

The rise of technology taking over our need to learn have knowledge; who has control?

  1. When was this text written, and does this historical context have any bearing on his ideas?

Late 1970’s.  The writer has seen technology come from non existence to being; it really must feel sci-fi.

  1. In light of the times in which we are now living do you think he was right?

Yes, we have no need to learn now – we can google anything, anywhere – information is king, but not knowledge.

4.What do you think he got wrong, if anything?

I don’t think learning is circulating like money, as suggested; there is no need to learn, but we still love money.


  1. In light of what we now know what do you think you might add to his comments, and if so how might you develop his ideas further?


Possibly to continue with the ideas further, into a more dystopian future.


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