Popular Culture

Popular culture, can be seen as what the general public (read, western society), sees to be the thing that everybody has to have, to be seen to be doing, listening to or watching.  Is it what we believe to be the best at that time, or what our peers like or, more likely, what the media tells us to like?  Things from popular culture are generally, easy to digest, disposable, quick and forever being modified; counter this with high class, where things are harder to fathom, made to be around for a long time and have seen little change over the years.  We are currently in a period where, so called, popular culture is being birthed from the most humble of settings.  People are broadcasting videos from their bedroom – Zoella(??) – which are being watched by millions and having a genuine impact on society and it’s residents.  In reality, what we are watching is someone shopping for clothes, and then giving their feedback on what they thought of those items – surely this is the antithesis of popular culture, watching someone else have a life, and then sucking up that information as the way to be.  Why is she – and other ‘stars’ like her – famous and seen as the current zenith of popular culture?  Why do we consume this mass media, mass culture outlet of information?  It almost tells the viewer that what they consumed in the last video, as the the thing to have – the popular culture item – will be last seasons news in a very short period as the next episode will be eulogising about a further trend that needs to be followed.  Watch it, buy it, flaunt it, bin it and repeat; ad infinitum…at a faster pace than ever before.


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