The Futurist Manifesto

Undertake an investigation into the context of this document; ask what the historical, technological, art etc. context may be.


‘Museums, cemeteries!  Truly identical…’.  I think this sums up the context of The Futurist Manifesto: stop dwelling on the past, live for the now, breath in the future, live for the future, do not live for the past.  


‘We are going to be present at the birth of the centaur and we shall soon see the first angels fly! We must break down the gates of life to test the bolts and the padlocks! Let us go! Here is the very first sunrise on earth! Nothing equals the splendor of its red sword which strikes for the first time in our millennial darkness.’  The very first sunrise on earth, truly cannot be an accurate statement, but the expression is stating that this is the future, this is the now, don’t miss it.


When he crashes into a ditch, he comes out exhilarated, he has lived, not survived, lived.  


He describes his car as a shark, indicating that poetry is something that can express true modernist feelings, not frank facts held in a museum.   


Technology was rife at this time (1909), car’s, electricity, the industrial revolution had been and gone; the future wasn’t ‘with the engineers in the infernal stokeholes of great ships’, it was on these great beasts, enjoying the fruits of their labour, not labour itself.


The young taking power from the old: ‘When we are forty let younger and stronger men than we throw us in the waste paper basket like useless manuscripts!’


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