Interrogating The Everyday

Banksy and his art, for me, is like a chocolate bar: easily understood, easily digested, provides a quick input, but with no longevity.  I feel that he picks easy targets and presents them in a very obvious way.  It’s cultural satire that we can see every week on Have I Got News For You, but it is seen as more relevant because it is illegally graffitied onto someone’s property or put on as a grand scale theme park, where people queue for hours, to pay money to go in and take photos and want to pick up mementos on the way home, which is meant to be dig on theme parks in general, but conforms to so much of the theme park convention that it becomes a pastiche of itself.  Theme parks provide joy for millions, whilst charging a fortune to do so; Dismaland provided joy for thousands, (although millions would have gone), and charged a fortune to do so, but as it is classed as ‘art’, it is seen as a higher cultural format.  I like theme parks, I like art and I like chocolate bars, but sometimes I prefer them all separate.


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