Woodstock Vs Glastonbury

How Woodstock Happened


[Think about how it has changed my perception of woodstock; and now analyse Glastonbury.]


After reading the article from The Times Herald-Record (1994), my perception of Woodstock hasn’t changed, I have just become more informed over the specific details.  My understanding of the event was that it was always meant to be the biggest gig ever, playing host to the most cool, and current artists that your parents have never heard of.  The planners dreamed big, but got even more than they could have ever dreamed of.  450,000 people was more than anybody – in that era – could have dreamed of coming to a concert; more than could be catered for, but I guess it was an acceptance that this way of life – hippies, love, peace, drugs – was the future and they are happy to shout about it.  Moreover, it became a site where the illegal, became ‘legal’; people openly taking drugs and singing about doing so.  Many believe that it was these drugs that gave birth to some of the greatest songs ever written, allowing the songwriters to go to places that would remain locked without some kind of ‘magic key’.  So was it the event that gave birth to a movement of the psychedelic, or was it the songs causing people to change their perceptions or were they simply high on acid?


Where then do I stand on the modern day Woodstock, Glastonbury?  Artists are still paid a lot to come and play there – as Woodstock gave precedence to – they will receive untold glory if they produce a ‘legendary set’, as per Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock, and people flock year on year to come see the event.  I guess that’s what it is, an event.  People will say that they went to Glastonbury last year and it was epic, but Kanye West was shit and it wasn’t as muddy as they were hoping for.  It’s more about being at the event and hoping that something legendary happens that year, rather than going to see a specific artist perform.  Just recently, tickets for Glastonbury 2016 have sold out and no artists have been announced yet!  The crowd want to say ‘I went to Glastonbury, 2000, when Bowie killed it’, not ‘I saw Bowie in concert last weekend and he rocked that shit’.  I think that’s what Woodstock has become, a glowing beacon for people to say they were there, at the birth of The Event, it was the halcyon days of music and freedom, never to be repeated again, whereas it was probably ace, just not as good as we all think it was.  Glastonbury wants to do this, to put on an event that goes down in history as epic, never to be repeated again…until next year.  Tickets for 2017’s Once In A Lifetime Event, Never To Be Repeated Again, go on sale shortly after the 2016 event.


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