Week One: Sketching

This week was intense, hard work, challenging and came full circle: starting with drawing a matchbox, a pencil sharpener and a three pin plug and ending with the same task (but not the same results).  We were tasked with sketching boxes, cylinders, spheres and all sorts of unusual shapes, in two point perspective, and seemingly, in a rush!  

Before this week, my sketching was on par with slug trying to make its way over piece of paper, whilst towing a pencil – sketchy at best.  Richard showed us the principles of perspective, rendering and representing contours of a rounded surface, and I must admit, I felt like I was really struggling.  Many of the class were already at a high level – perhaps as they had come directly from previous education, whereas I am a poor mature student (!) – but I ran with the feeling that I had nothing to ‘un-learn’ (“no hairy lines”), so could only improve.  

I spent all day in the studio sketching – first in, last out – as I knew I was slow, and then carried on into the evening at home; and do you know what?  My final few pages were alright.  They looked like the object I was trying to represent, were rendered well and even had an appropriate drop shadow.  I have a long way to go – practice, practice, practice – but I am now less of a slug towing a pencil, more chimp with a crayon…but still very, very slow.


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