Brand new

Week Three: Transbranding

What would an Apple fridge look like?  Good question!  So many of today’s brands rely on so much more than a simple logo; it’s about the overall structure, shape, materials and ethos they employ that solidify these items into our lives.  

The brand I chose?  Converse (perhaps I should look up more).  The object?  A mobile phone; I simply couldn’t think of anything more polar opposite than sneakers and tech.  First point of call was a moodboard, gathering the telltale traits of the brand – white edging with contrast stripe, silver vent holes on the side, rubber tread on the sole etc. – and then writing down a list of values the brand are know for: relaxed, informal, everyday wearing, comfortable to wear, tough for real urban life.Week 3 - Transbranding.

With all this in mind, I sketched out various iterations of a relaxed phone, wrapped on the converse style.  A slightly curved shape, as the sole of the sneaker is not perfectly flat, and would fit in the back pocket of a pair jeans perfectly; a tapered mid section like the sneaker at the arch point makes it easier to hold onto than a rectangular mobile phone.  I modelled this up in styrofoam and model board and tested the shaping.  Slightly bigger, more curved, thinner at one end, needs to be more grippy.  


I made a final shape model, sprayed it white – for the classic converse white edge and toe cap – cut some holes in the side for on /off, function key, volume, headphones and charger, and stuck a printed mobile screen on the face.

 I’d luckily managed to find some silver eyelets on a notepad, that worked perfectly as the buttons on the side (representing the classic vent holes).  Finally, for the tread on the sole / back of the phone, I stuck double sided tape onto the phone and laid individual rubber bands onto the tape, until I had covered the entire rear of the phone; I had to wash the bands first to get the dust of them.  I then cut around the shape of the phone to trim the bands off and then, using a metal file, I hand scored in the tread onto the bands in the classic converse pattern.




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